Kawakawa Cream (Rongoa)


Kawakawa (Rongoa) Cream 85 gm nett

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This is a beautiful Kawakawa Cream (Rongoa) (or balm) made with Kawakawa infused natural oils, beeswax, from our own hives, and essential oils.

It is good for eczema, stings, bites, rashes, minor cuts, nappy rash and inflammation of the skin. Sarah developed this Kawakawa Cream (Rongoa) because she wanted to find something to heal our son’s eczema, which has caused problems from a very young baby to now – over 30 years! It has been endorsed by a Tohunga well versed in traditional Maori medicine (Rongoa).

Kawakawa has been used for hundreds of years by Maori as a traditional Maori medicine. Kawakawa was used for dry skin, eczema, cuts, wounds, boils, abscesses, and nettle stings. It was also used for rheumatism and other aches and pains, including toothache. When Kawakawa is thrown on a campfire and burned, it reputedly keeps mosquitoes away.

At Wairua Wood and Wax we only use the highest quality ingredients and we make it with lots of love/aroha. We’ve taken seriously all the advice we’ve received from a Maori woman well versed in the traditional preparation of Rongoa. Accordingly we only harvest from Kawakawa bushes that are well away from roads (you don’t want dust and pollutants), we select Kawakawa leaves that are north facing and only the ones that have been selected as scrumptious by the Kawakawa Looper Moth¬†(Cleora scriptaria). And, of course, we only take a few leaves off each plant. We use a lot of leaves when we steep them in oil and we leave them for a long time to ensure that plenty of the active ingredients from the Kawakawa are absorbed.

I, personally, use this rongoa for very dry skin as often as needed. I have a friend whose eczema of many years has disappeared, so long as she uses it regularly. Our daughter has used it regularly for 3 babies for nappy rash.

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