Winged Kauri Bowl


Winged Kauri Bowl

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Winged Kauri Bowl

This beautiful honey coloured piece was turned from an old Kauri beam from a demolished Whangarei hospital building, built circa 1916. Made from one piece of wood, the wing forms a graceful curve and the bowl is “suspended” from the wing and floats above the surface. Texturing on the wing around the bowl adds to the fascination.

Winged Kauri Bowl Top View showing texturing on wing around the top of the bowl
Winged Kauri Bowl Top View






Display this beauty as an art piece, put your jewellery in it, or your keys or fill it with peanuts – whatever you would like! Whatever you do with it, you’ll have plenty of people admiring this unique piece.

Dimensions: 400 mm L, 156 mm W, 60 mm H, internal bowl diameter 80 mm. I have finished this beauty with a food-grade beeswax wood polish made from wax from our own hives. The polish nourishes and protects the wood and enhances the natural beauty of the woodgrain. 

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