Yellow Beeswax Luminaries


Yellow Beeswax Luminaries. Beautiful by day and stunning at night.



Yellow Beeswax Luminaries

These yellow beeswax luminaries are beautiful by day and stunning by night. So, light the tealight and watch the colours come to life. And, be assured, the luminary will not melt – indeed it will last indefinitely.

Yellow luminary stunning at night
Yellow Luminary with Flame Pattern

What is a Luminary?

A luminary is a thin walled, coloured translucent “bowl” made of pure beeswax.  We supply you with two beeswax tealights that will each burn for about 3 hours. 

Natural Components:

Here at Wairua Wood and Wax  we only use 100% NZ beeswax from our own beehives, vegetable based dyes and 100% cotton wicks.

Each Luminary is Unique:

Each yellow beeswax luminary is individually made by hand with a lot of love and based on years of hard won experience. Therefore, when you purchase one of our luminaries you are buying something completely unique: each luminary is a one of a kind that can never be repeated.

Why is Beeswax So Good?

Beeswax is the longest and cleanest burning wax. Because of this it helps to purify the air and gives off a wonderful evocative honey scent, even when it’s not burning! Beeswax is environmentally friendly and completely sustainable.

Your yellow beeswax luminaries each comes with 2 beeswax tealights, a piece of insulating cork and care instructions.

Two tealights, cork insulation and care instructions
Tealights, Cork & Instructions







Large Luminaries diameter approx. 165 mm and the height is approx. 120 mm.

Medium Luminaries diameter approx. 135 mm and the height is approx. 80 mm.

Small Luminaries diameter of approx. 100 mm and the height is approx. 80 mm.

Other Colours, Pairs & Groups:

If you would like another colour (such as red, green, orange),  see our other luminaries on the site. Alternatively, please contact us as we have plenty available.

If you would like a pair or a group, you can have similar (but never exactly the same) and we’ll be happy to talk with you, so please contact us.

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Free shipping in New Zealand for the Large Luminaries.

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